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Mixed Reality

Mixed reality (MR) combines elements of both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). MR integrates virtual objects and environments into the real world while allowing users to interact with and manipulate these digital elements in real-time. This technology typically involves headsets or glasses, equipped with cameras and sensors that scan the physical environment, enabling precise alignment of virtual objects. MR users can experience a seamless blend of the physical and digital realms, making it ideal for applications ranging from gaming and education to remote collaboration and complex simulations. Microsoft's HoloLens and Magic Leap are examples of MR devices that exemplify this immersive technology.


Our Mixed Reality Games


Bunny Hop (Mixed Reality Game)

About Bunny Hop:

This is an implementation of the classic retro arcade game Whack-a-Mole in mixed reality. With heavy inspiration from Whack-a-Mole, this game puts a lot more interesting mechanics into the gameplay since virtual development cuts down a lot of the limitations of a physical arcade machine. Best of all, you can play it anywhere, take your VR headset and spawn the table on any flat surface you would like.


Speed Hero (Mixed Reality Game)

About Speed Hero:

This an action survival game where you save game characters to score higher as well as dodge obstacles to remain alive in-game.The gameplay is focused on giving a player an adrenaline filled MR experience where the world appears to be slow motion. The player has the ability to interact with all the virtual elements in the gameplay. The bullets and bombs do damage. The bombs can be caught and thrown back to the ceiling. The hostages can be saved by grabbing them and throwing them to the ceiling as well. The health bar decreases and the virtual environment speed increases whenever the player is hit by a bullet.


Portal Hop (Mixed Reality Game)

About Portal Hop :

A time limited MR game where you score by getting an infinitely moving ball through a ring going back and forth in your room. Step into an immersive rectangular room where two parallel walls hold portals with movable handles which are both at the same height. Control an endless-traveling ball, aiming to guide it through a ring that moves back and forth parallel to the walls. Utilize portal hoops to teleport the ball strategically and increase your score by getting it through the hoop. With a 1-minute time limit, anticipate the ring's movement and showcase your skills to achieve a high score. Immerse yourself in this fast-paced and challenging game of precision and timing, where every second counts in the race against time.

Dodge Master (Mixed Reality Game)
About Dodge Master:

"Dodge Master" is a thrilling Mixed Reality (MR) game where players must use their physical movements to dodge bombs and punch boxes to increase their score. The objective is to survive as long as possible by avoiding bombs and scoring by hitting boxes. Players will have a health bar, which decreases upon colliding with bombs .The score increases upon punching boxes. The game ends when the player's health reaches zero.

Keep It Up (Mixed Reality Game)
About Keep It Up:

"Keep It Up!" is an immersive and interactive Mixed Reality (MR) game designed exclusively for Oculus Quest. Players have to keep virtual balloons airborne by hitting them with their virtual hands. The main objective is to prevent the balloons from touching the ground, as doing so will result in game over. As players progress, the game becomes more challenging with an increasing number of balloons. Balloons can interact with real-world objects, making it a unique and engaging experience.