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Data Engineering

Data engineering secures the groundwork for your data science and analysis, it builds and consolidates your system architecture to ensure that the data you collect is accurate, useful, complete and error-free.

Data must be primed and accessible for analysis and action,
data architecture plays a leading role here. Your data architecture must be holistic, resilient and future-proof, able to comprehensively deal with different data across business operations via high-quality data lakes and data pipelines.

Data Infrastructure & Engineering As A Service

We can develop new data architecture for you using a single source, or by integrating new and existing data sources together to create more effective data lakes that are easier to pipe to their endpoints.

The Value of Good Data Engineering

To us, data collection and analysis is not just a box-ticking exercise or an unnecessary status-quo for a modern business to adhere to, it’s a means to create value for businesses where it does not previously exist.

Design, Develop And Test Data Architectures

Well-versed in the languages of data, we will make sure your systems are singing from the same hymn sheet. We align data collection methods across databases & APIs to bring your systems together.

Data science services

Optimise Data Architecture for Your and Your Business.Your data exists to serve your business. We will make sure your data architecture is optimised for its purpose.

Engineering With Data

Discover and Implement New Opportunities.We will make your databases as strong as they can be, if there are other opportunities for data collection then we will hunt them down and implement them in our architecture.


Scalability and Modernisation. We engineer future-proof systems that can scale to your business’ growth. We can migrate legacy DWHs into state-of-the-art data lakes with serverless pipeless for real-time data analysis.

Need Help With Your Data Engineering?

We’d love to help with your IT infrastructure or data pipeline problems.

Data Science

Data Science Consulting and Implementation Strategy Consulting
XRDigitech provides Data Science Services and solutions to help enterprises with Business case identification, Data veracity assessment, design recommendations Analysis, Business Values Mapping, Solution Roadmap, and Technology Identification.Delivering Business Insights, Innovating and Automating Processes with Machine Learning, enriching customer Insights and Cost optimization with Data science solution implementation

Business Case Identification

Road Map to Data-Driven Enterprise

Customized Machine Learnings Models

Model Optimization and Deployment

Model Management and Monitoring

Computer Vision Solution


Machine learning models are advancing in their ability to read and understand text and audio but still struggle to understand the complexities of language. Our experienced data analyst teams understand the nuance of your business and the subtleties in language required to accurately tag the text you need to train your NLP applications. Whether you’re training a chatbot, legal contract review application, or financial analysis algorithm, we provide the high-quality data you need to make the models powering your analytical or speech-based applications more accurate.

NLP Managed Workforce

Our data analysts combine your business context with their understanding of language, syntax, and sentence structure to accurately parse and tag text according to your specifications. We can extract meaning from raw audio and text data to advance your NLP project.

Natural Language Processing Expertise

From information extraction to sentiment analysis, we can help you unlock the hidden insights contained within written text and verbal language, powering your NLP algorithms and machine learning models.

Content Enrichment


Data Cleansing

Intent Recognition

Taxonomy Creation

Syntax Analysis

Aspect Mining

Topic Analysis

Entity Recognition

Content Enrichment

Data Cleansing

Taxonomy Creation

Aspect Mining


Intent Recognition

Syntax Analysis

Topic Analysis

Entity Recognition


Computer Vision on the Edge ,Bringing Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision based Applications on Edge Cloud and extracting actionable insights from Images and Videos in Real-Time. Helping Enterprises to develop Spatial Analysis and Visual Analytics Processing Capabilities.

Image Segmentation and Classification

XRDigitech Provides Text-Image Analytics Solutions for Enabling Enterprises to derive actionable insights from Images, Videos and to increase business efficiency.

Analytics Capabilities

Prescriptive Analytics Based Solutions for Enterprises to perform Real-time analysis on videos, images as they are streamed.

Real-time Video Analytics and Face Detection

End-to-End Analytics strategy for enabling Behavior Detection, Zone Management and Tracking

Security Solutions

Security Solutions for detecting anomalies, adhering governance policies and Responsible AI Best Practices.

Enabling Customised Scalable Platforms and Technology Solutions