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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) games are immersive digital experiences that blend the real world with virtual elements. Players use smartphones or AR headsets to interact with computer-generated objects and characters superimposed onto their surroundings. These games leverage the device's camera and sensors to track movements and locations, enabling players to engage in various activities like scavenger hunts, battles, or puzzles within their physical environment. AR games encourage physical activity, social interaction, and creative problem-solving, making them a popular choice for both entertainment and educational purposes. Popular examples include Pokémon GO and Ingress, which demonstrate the potential of AR technology in gaming.


Our Augmented Reality Games


CAR Ar (Augmented Reality Game)

About CAR Ar:

In this 3D AR application, you will be experiencing a realistic car right in front of you with the help of your mobile phone. It is a very fun experience to have.


Motor Ar (Augmented Reality Game)

About Motor Ar:

In this 3D AR application, you can understand the components of a Motor. Users can completely open the Motor components and inspect them with inner details of the motor. It can also be experienced with your mobile.