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Game Designer

Roles and Responsibilities

XRDigitech is seeking a creative and talented Game Designer to join our game development team. As a Game Designer, you will play a pivotal role in conceptualizing, designing, and shaping the gameplay mechanics and overall player experience of our XR games and applications. This position offers an exciting opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies in the virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) space.

  • Collaborate with the creative team to conceptualize and develop innovative and engaging game ideas for XR plaforms, incorporating virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality elements.
  • Design and prototype core gameplay mechanics, including player interactions, controls, AI behavior, game physics, and other game systems.
  • Create captivating and well-balanced level designs, considering spatial layout, pacing, player progression, and overall game flow.
  • Work with writers and narrative designers to integrate storytelling elements and create immersive narratives that align with gameplay objectives.
  • Ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience through effective UX design, user interface (UI) layout, and visual communication.
  • Continuously playtest and iterate on game elements to achieve optimal gameplay balance, challenge, and fun factor.
  • Create detailed design documents, game design specifications, and other supporting materials to effectively communicate design ideas to the development team.
  • Collaborate closely with developers, artists, audio designers, and QA testers throughout the development cycle to bring the game vision to life..
  • Analyze player feedback and playtesting data to make data-driven design decisions and refine the game design iteratively.

Desired Candidate Profile

  • A genuine passion for video games and XR technologies, with a deep understanding of what makes games enjoyable and engaging..
  • Strong creative thinking skills and the ability to come up with unique and captivating game concepts and mechanics.
  • Familiarity with game development engines and tools such as Unity or Unreal Engine is preferred.
  • Excellent communication skills to effectively convey game design ideas and concepts to the development team.
  • Ability to adapt to changing project requirements and provide design solutions that align with project goals.
  • Analytical and problem-solving abilities to address design challenges and iteratively improve the gameplay experience..
  • A collaborative mindset with the ability to work effectively within a multidisciplinary team.

If you are a creative and enthusiastic Game Designer with a passion for pushing the boundaries of XR gaming, we encourage you to apply. Please submit your resume and any relevant portfolio showcasing your design work to [Contact Email]. At XRDigitech, we embrace diversity and equal opportunity in our workforce. We welcome candidates from all backgrounds and experiences to join our team.

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further evaluation.

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